187% increase in
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Saas SEO Case Study
Saas SEO Case Study
Saas SEO Case Study
Saas SEO Case Study
Saas SEO Case Study
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Who are ScoreApp?

ScoreApp is the new kid on the block when it comes to quiz marketing software, but don’t let its age fool you – it stands way above the competition because it can provide personalised, in-depth feedback to quiz participants, as well as detailed customer data to business owners.

Saas SEO Case Study
Saas SEO Case Study

A snapshot of the last
18 months working with ScoreApp

This means not just traffic for the sake of it, but direct conversions & sales. These are results we LOVE to see, as it shows the power of amazing content!

Meet the FOUNDER
Daniel Priestley

Daniel and co-founder, Steven, created ScoreApp after Daniel tried to find quiz software that could provide individualised feedback to each participant, and score them in various categories.

It didn’t exist. So Daniel and Steven created it. And they soon discovered that so many other business owners and marketers also craved what this quiz software could do. Us included. We bloody love it!

Daniel Priestley Oversubscribed
The Goal
Saas SEO Case Study

Even though it’s clear ScoreApp is far superior to other quiz software, unfortunately, having a better product doesn’t always cut it.

You need people to find you and understand your product and its value.

Daniel’s goal was quite simple: reach more people. Because he knew that once people understood what ScoreApp was all about, they’d fall in love with it. And he was right. But first, what was preventing that from happening?

Saas SEO Case Study

The Problems…


Problem One: Getting Known

Quiz software is not new, but ScoreApp and the way it works are entirely different. The functionality is beyond other software like it, and the customer service and training are incredible. The problem is, we needed more people aware of it!


Problem Two: Not Just Using Ads to Promote the Software

Don’t get us wrong, ScoreApp’s ads were effective as people could see the power of the product, BUT ScoreApp still wanted a way to grow organically, gaining website traffic through other channels such as from Google or social media.


Problem Three: Understanding how ScoreApp is different

As we said, ScoreApp is brilliant software that gives marketers, business owners and sales teams access to huge amounts of data, but we needed to get the word out there about why it was different from other quiz software


Problem Four: Making customers successful (and stay forever)

Customer service is a HUGE priority for ScoreApp. They genuinely listen to their customers–continuously developing their software following feedback and delivering excellent training regularly. But they also wanted to use content to make their customers successful and keep them forever.

A no-fluff breakdown of what we did to help fix these problems

We tackled these problems using content marketing, creating a winning combo of content and SEO.

Valuable SEO Content

We focused on getting organic traffic and rankings for ScoreApp. We published in-depth guides and how-to blog posts. A lot of these featured examples from ScoreApp customers–showcasing what they were doing well and providing inspiration for prospects.

We also produced a lot of ‘template’ led blog posts, where prospects could steal helpful templates such as an email sequence to use within their own business.

Finally, we also created in-depth guest posts on behalf of ScoreApp.

SaaS SEO Content


Quote from Daniel Priestley

"Their content has brought 40,000 people to the website..."

Saas SEO Case Study
Saas SEO Case Study


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Saas SEO Case Study

Content their
users love

Retention is just as important as getting new customers, and when you have an amazing product like ScoreApp, it makes it so much easier.

But, the ScoreApp team wanted to take this one step further, they wanted to make their customers successful using the software. So we focused on creating content that meant customers could get the best results possible because then they would keep using the quiz software to generate leads for their business (and they’d tell all their friends about it, too!).

We created in-depth articles and guides, showing subscribers how to create their quiz and guiding them through what to do once they’d launched it.

And guess what? These articles are shared every single day in their Facebook group or directly with customers through customer support!

Jamie Page, Marketing Manager at Scoreapp.

'Jammy make my life so much easier! They create AMAZING content our audience loves, which fuels our social media content and newsletter too.’

Saas SEO Case Study
Saas SEO Case Study
Saas SEO Case Study

1.7 Million Impressions

61,000+ Website Visits

3x More Organic Traffic

72% New Visitors

SEO Organic Case Study

Want results like these?

We’d love to hear about your business and what we can do to help you succeed using content. Book a chat with us below to see what we can do for you…
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